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My name is Marii K. K. Zierhut and I have been working as a Spiritual Consultant and Teacher of Numerology and Angel and Nature energies for many years.
I have recently published my first book called Forever You.

Forever You takes you on a reflective journey about life, love, infinity, spirituality, personal growth and faith.
In the face of eternity we are forever young – forever learning, and forever evolving.
Empower your life by gaining insight, inspiration and gratitude for life, regardless of any challenges that may exist at present!
This practical and accessible book will teach you to:

  • use powerful techniques to reconnect with your inner core
  • develop and nurture a positive and loving relationship with yourself and others
  • see the bigger picture
  • tap into your clairvoyant abilities to heal your life

Order your copy via www.amazon.co.uk (click on the image), www.amzon.com, www.amazon.de or www.balboapress.com
"Kindle Edition" on www.amazon.co.uk
Signed copies can be ordered via email. (£12.99 incl. P&P in the UK)

Facebook: facebook.com/mariikkzierhut
Twitter: @ReadForeverYou


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